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YOU’RE HIRED! A Book for Young Job Seekers

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Are job interviews a test of skill or a test of knowledge or a test of imagination? Are job interviews a check of personality, or a check of organisational fitment? You’re Hired! the latest from Popular Prakashan, walks you through live interviews that test all of skill, knowledge, imagination and personality. Not only that, it hand holds you through the whys of what are asked in interviews and tell you lets you know what interviewer is looking to hear.

They say there are no right answers at a job interview. There are really no wrong answers too. Answers to an interview are really a matter of perspective. You’re Hired! takes you for an interview to a mobile company, an NGO, a new airline, an ad agency, a start-up, a PE firm, a TV broadcaster … and more.

‘You’re Hired!’ is a simulation of real life interviews. With real settings. Real interviewers. Real interviewees. Real emotions. Real questions. Real answers. Real dilemmas. Real tears. And real feedback. This highly-detailed book is a must-read for all job seekers. It is interactive and powerfully informative.

About the Author:


In Jan 2011, Sandeep Goyal sold his 26% equity stake in his seven-year old India joint-venture with Japan’s Dentsu Inc., the world’s largest ad agency. The stake sale made this small town boy from Chandigarh, a dollar millionaire many times over.

A gold medallist in English literature from Panjab University, an MBA from FMS-Delhi (1984), and an OPMer from Harvard Business School, Sandeep was president of the iconic ad agency Rediffusion DY&R before becoming Group CEO of Zee Telefilms Ltd. In 2001-2, Sandeep was India’s second highest paid professional CEO of a listed Indian company. That year he was also the first Indian on the jury of the global Emmy Awards. He wrote a best-seller on marketing, ‘The Dum Dum Bullet’, in 2005 to rave reviews. Goyal is currently pursuing his PhD thesis on ‘celebrities as human brands’.

“I dream for a living,” says Goyal. This is what has perhaps helped him over 25 years to conjure up winning campaigns and marketing break-throughs for brands as diverse as Airtel to Apple, Citibank to Colgate, Honda to Horlicks, KBC to KFC and many many more.

Over the years Sandeep Goyal has hired thousands (and perhaps fired hundreds!) of professionals. He should know a thing or two about job interviews … both good, and bad!


Carol Goyal is quite like any kid her age… inquisitive-indefatigable-irreverent-insomniac … bubbling with ideas, bursting with energy, brimming with joie de vivre.  A student of Law at Symbiosis, Pune, 19-year old Carol did her schooling at Villa Theresa, Mumbai, and her A-levels from Podar International. She was on an international student exchange programme to Holland in 2010.

A keen photographer, she has shot four well-reviewed calendars in Japan, Israel and New Zealand. A nature enthusiast, Carol loves wild cats and adores her pug, Jambo. Carol has recently received her driving license. Racing a red Ferrari is now on her must-do list in the coming year!


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Comprehending History through Real Stories

Biographies provide the source material for understanding and writing of history. Popular Prakashan has played its part in providing this important input. One of the major biographers who have made this possible is Dhananjay Keer.

Born Anant Vitthal in a small district place Ratnagiri in April 1913, Keer took to writing pen-portraits in English under the pseudonym Dhananjay. In his early youth, he had the opportunity of meeting Vinayak Damodar Savarkar and working with him in his fight against untouchability. Keer took on himself the task of writing a full length biography of Savarkar. Thanks to the author’s proximity to his hero, this biography is regarded as the authoritative work on Hindutva.

Keer followed this up with a biography of Lokamanya Tilak, the Father of the Indian Freedom Struggle, whose birth place was, again, Ratnagiri. Savarkar prompted Keer to write on Dr. Ambedkar, even though Dr Amedkar was not well disposed towards Savarkar. With this effort, Keer started on an important phase in his journey as a biographer. His biography of Dr. Ambedkar has become a source of strength to Ambedkarites and a reliable sourcebook for students of Dalit movement. This biography has proved to be a bestseller in English, Marathi and Hindi. While Ambedkar was a senior contemporary, who was accessible to the biographer, Keer had, further, to undertake Ambedkar’s projected work of writing on Mahatma Phooley. A natural corollary was writing on Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur. These three stalwarts of social revolution got projected outside Maharashtra after the publication of Keer’s biographies by Popular Prakashan. It provides a historical and sociological platform for social engineering in this era.

Keer’s view of modern India was not Gandhi-Nehru centric. His works provide hitherto little known details regarding sociological and political events as well as personalities in India. Rewriting of Indian history will have to be based on these details. However, he acknowledged Gandhi’s role as a mass leader and wrote an important work on his life, Mahatma Gandhi: Political Saint and Unarmed Prophet, highlighting events ignored by numerous biographers.

Keer wrote mostly in English. Yet he chose to write in Marathi the biography of C.K. Bole, the author of an important bill in Bombay Presidency. Also his autobiography and short life sketches of social reformers/scholars R.G. Bhandarkar.