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Entertainment Extravaganza

Looking after guests can be a complicated issue – sometimes even an art. What do you say? How do you act? What should you do? And especially what do you cook. Who better to tell us about the art of entertainment than the person who has perfected entertainment to the  Asha Khatau reigning queen of vegetarian cuisine, who has thrown exquisite parties that are talked of for days by the who’s who in the celebrity microcosm?

“Cooking is a joy, pleasure, a therapy and happiness!” say award-winning author Asha Khatau. The book has come about by her years of making, discovering recipes and entertaining friends and family. “The one word to describe the book would be comprehensive.” “The book is an elaborate collection of highly readable approach to the art of entertaining at home,” says publisher Harsha Bhatkal. “The cuisines and sections in the book take into account every kind of entertaining one can possibly have.” Said Farzana Contractor, editor, Upper Crust said, “We loved every single selection of Asha’s immense new work.” “It was an honour for us to host this event,” said a beaming Avni Biyani of Foodhall where the event was held. Attending the event was a handful of celebrities from playback singer Anuradha Paudwal to Brinda Miller and Zeba Kolhi. Asha had the audience at Foodhall, Palladium hanging to her every word as she showed her fans how she conjured magic in her kitchen.